Friday, November 6, 2009

Indie Up n Comer

I recently got a hold of a new mix tape from a Artist named "NaNeezy" ,straight from the heart of Los Angeles in a area where "Jerking" is a popular choice of music, NaNeezy seems to be taking a completely different approach with his music. Keeping the standard Cali Swag while sometimes glorifying being a "Urban Herbivore", He definitely showcases his talent with his mix tape "First Day Back to sCool". In my opinion the Mix tape provides the vibe of a good Afro-Man song and the flows of a rapper who can actually can rap, God knows we need one. lol. Definitely show your love by checking out his mix tape @ First Day Back To sCool

"Cant Jerk to this my nigga, If you see a nigga jerkin call him a reject. Tell him he just got skipped on the blunt....Backwards" -NaNeezy!!!!

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