Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Swag Boyz Mech and Drez

I have the opportunity to work with two talented young artist who go by the name Mech and Drez. Known in the Milwaukee Hip Hop Scene the Duo are part of the clique SwagBoyz which consist of the artist Mech and Drez , DJ Willie Shake, New comer Natalia, and Rell Beatz.

Here is a Bio for you the viewer to get acquainted with this talented Duo:

Mech and Drez is a critically acclaimed Milwaukee, Wisconsin- based Hip Hop Duo. Formed by cousins Mech (born Demetrius Harper, May 17, 1987) and Drez (born Andrae Jones, September 29, 1985), the group is known for their presence in the mix tape scene collaborating with DJ Willie Shakes.

Along with their passion for music the two have many interests in all aspects of the music industry. Mech, the producer of the group, has interest in engineering and song writing. Drez is a young aspiring artist who displays true dedication to his craft in song writing.

Early years

Mech and Drez attended middle school together at Daniel Webster Middle School until separating to attend different high schools. They reunited three years later to discover each other’s musical talents. During this time three demo songs were recorded, sparking a musical career for the Duo.

Music Career

Mech and Drez music has an electric sound that demands much attention. They have released “Off Da Block Vol. 1,” “Drez - Unsigned Hype”, “Business and Streets - The Mix Tape” and “Life after Business and Streets.” Mech and Drez were also featured on Core DJ Willie Shakes: “Hi-Haters Vol. 1 - Vol. 3” and “MKE Mix tape Radio Vol. 1 - Vol. 4”. Also to mention the Duo has made numerous collaborations with various local artist’ as well as know artist such as Chester French, Yung Kee, Paypa Chase, Ray Rizzie, Streetz & Young Deuces, UMG “ Royal Fam”, and many others.

Mech and Drez have not shied away from performances as they have made numerous appearances to promote themselves in such establishments as the Miramar Theatre , Soche, Quarters, Nostalgia’s, and many other local nightclubs.


· (2006) , “Off Da Block Vol. 1”

· (2007), Drez “Unsigned Hype

· (2007), “Business and Streets The Mix Tape”

· (2008), “Life after Business and Streets”

· (2009), Turn it Up -Maxi Single

· (2009), Say Hello- Single

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