Sunday, February 21, 2010

All Rap'd Up

I know I know your asking yourself "Where the Hell have you been?" and I have a good answer for that, Ive been changing the world. Besides that I still same old Bizzy B working hard to make an everlasting footprint in the sands of the music industry.

Anyways I got a hold of Skeme's new Mix tape "All Rap'd Up" (story of my life) needless to say Sox Game Skeme has proven to be a up and rising star from the "City of Champions". Definitely has that "Wood" vibe and if you dont know what that is come to Inglewood and find out.

Inglewood flamespitta Skeme teams up with the hottest, hardest working Mixtape DJ's right now - DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar to drop his official new Mixtape "All Rap'd Up" feat Alley Boy, Dolla, Ya Boy, Kendrick Lamar, Dubb and more!

Make sure to Check out G4 dope track

All Rap'd Up-Skeme

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